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Patricio Talavera Tile

Welcome to Patricio Talavera Tile!

Welcome to Patricio Talavera Tile! I hope that you find this website user-friendly and your Talavera tile purchasing an enjoyable experience. My name is Patrick or Patricio in Spanish, and I want to bring old Mexico to you! Patricio Talavera Tile is dedicated to bringing quality and beautiful Talavera tile to your home or business.

For those of you familiar with Talavera tile, you understand the unique craftsmanship and artistic flair that is involved with the creation of this beautiful handmade tile.

Talavera tile gets its name from a small village in Spain called Talavera de la Reina where it took root during the 15th century. However, many of the styles and patterns can be traced back to the Arab culture around the 8th century. In turn, after the Spanish colonization of Mexico, the new ceramic was introduced and the Mexican artisans embraced it.

The name “Talavera” is now the definitive meaning of the unique tile and ceramic patterns and designs handed down generations ago from these skilled craftsmen. Presently, there are a number of family-run studios in central Mexico where Talavera tile is carefully and skillfully handcrafted and available to you through Patricio Talavera Tile.

Our Talavera tile is a red-clay tile with a gloss glaze that vividly encases the wonderfully bright colors and designs of the craftsmen. It is recommended to use your wildest imaginations during installation to create your own special theme and blend to achieve a look that will not be duplicated by others.

Talavera tile will enhance any interior wall in any room. They are very popular adorning stair risers and work synergistically with other tiles like terracotta and travertine floorings. Talavera tile will add character to your outdoor patio, barbeque area and perimeter fencing making it look like a very Spanish or old Mexico surroundings. Talavera tiles beautifully accentuate countertops and shower walls. They even make a very unique coaster or trivet as another way of enjoying these art forms.

Patricio Talavera tile can be shipped to anywhere in the world. Patricio Talavera Tile is dedicated to bringing Old Mexico to you!

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